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Caffeine and its effects on the body

Coffee is the modern-day panacea to all your blues, but the component of this marvel drink is caffeine that it the chemical which is most abundant in methylxanthine, this metabolite is seen to be produced in plants.

Caffeine was first isolated from coffee beans by a German scientist. Caffeine was naturally present in the coffee plant as a defence mechanism against insects and rodents, this chemical has a distinct bitter flavour to it that is savoured in the form of coffee.

Caffeine and its effect on the Body:

Caffeine levels present in the coffee depends on the place and weather it is grown in. Caffeine is the main component that is present in your coffee drink that ease feelings of tiredness and bring the energy back to fuel the day.

This chemical is metabolised in the human body and helps to block the adenosine receptors that promote sleep. This blocking brings in a sense of awareness and increases a person’s performance and the speed of perception bringing in more productivity.

Butterscotch and Hazelnut flavour

Caffeine is a good energy booster can be taken two or three times a day, limiting the consumption to a moderate level can help boost one’s memory and energy levels. New zing and appetizing shakes are preferred by people today which can be ordered with Barlin Coffee.

Caffeine in the body is metabolised towards lipolysis which means breaking down of fat present in the body hence, making coffee a good pre work out drink. Coffee is consumed on the basis of the caffeine levels present in it, which boosts one’s health.

This drink prevents the chances of an individual developing a neurodegenerative disorder or any cardiovascular disorders, due to the presence of caffeine in it. In the recent years more research is being conducted on this brown miracle and more marvellous characteristics are yet to be found.


Q1. Is Caffeine good for you?

Caffeine is absolutely good for you, but consumption should be in moderate levels.

Q2. Is caffeine medically prescribed?

Caffeine is prescribed to any one who is looking to energize and do more with their day. This is medically prescribed to people who work out and who look to power up their daily routine.

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