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Can coffee Substitute alcohol?

The answer to this question is a clear no, as Coffee is a psychoactive, which tends to stimulate the central nervous system. This stimulation giving rise to more productivity, increase in the speed of perception and enhancing awareness. Whereas on the other hand alcohol is a depressant, which brings down a person’s awareness and energy levels.

Alcohol can not substitute for coffee due to its effects on the central nervous system slowing down the speed of perception, reducing awareness and bringing down the factors that help in good decision making.

Coffee being a modern-day routine contains caffeine, that imparts its characteristics to coffee. These features include enhancing an individual’s fitness, endurance and physical ability to do more. This drink is preferred by many offices workers, gym buffs and students who consume this to gain the benefits of stimulating their nervous system to stay active and improve their memory.

coffee vs alcohol

Through new research data coffee is used as stimulant in protein shakes and other pre work out and post work out drink due to its above-mentioned qualities. Caffeine was identified as a performance enhancing drug and a certain standard was assigned to understand its use in sporting events. It is known as a solution to neurodegenerative disorders, as it boosts one’s memory and the ability of decision making.

Alcohol is taken as a celebratory drink, to enjoy and let loose. This supresses one’s active side and brings out a lazier side, hence affecting an individual’s decision-making part of the brain and reduces memory retention. Although there are disadvantages to alcohol, when taken in moderation is known to enhance creativity, but this is rarely seen done in every day scenarios.

Nevertheless, Coffee is the ultimate solution when it comes to bring out, the best version of yourself, making it one-of-a-kind beverage which is unmatched in bringing instant energy and alertness to your daily crunch. Instant coffee is popular among the new generation who want to cease the day, energise your day with Barlin Coffee that has a range delicious flavours that brings out the best of what coffee has to offer.

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