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Does Coffee boost one’s energy levels and work as a pre workout drink?

Coffee is the go-to drink to start your day, but have you wondered about how coffee gives you the necessary drive to go through your day?

The main component of coffee, giving it’s a characteristic taste and its properties is caffeine, this metabolite is found in many plants and cocoa plants, hence you see dark chocolates giving you a sense of wakefulness.

Caffeine is the chemical that induces a feeling of awareness and relieves stress to increase one’s ability to do more. This chemical carefully breaks down fat molecules in the body, increasing consumption of body fats than breaking down carbohydrates, hence this boosts an individual to perform more tasks and stay active.

butterscotch and hazelnut flavour

Due to this inherent nature of breaking down fats increasing the body’s ability to do more mental or physical tasks efficiently it is employed in many energy drinks, although energy drinks contain other additives which can be detrimental to one’s health.

Coffee is known to increase energy levels and help in staying concentrated during tasks demanding more attention, making it a hit among everyone.

This boost of energy is much needed when a person is working out, and is used up by the body faster. Caffeine breaks down fats and avoids breaking down of carbohydrates, delaying the sugar metabolism to take place rapidly. This fat broken down is used up instead of carbohydrates, making it a staple in weight management and muscle building workouts. Coffee is consumed with health shakes, protein supplements and other supplements to increase the experience of working out and getting most out of it, works as a pre-workout drink.

Coffee alone can be boring, hence flavoured coffee has taken its reign over the classic coffee to come across as a more versatile and novel energy drink, these flavours can be enjoyed with Barlin Coffee, where you can find your flavoured shakes to be indulgent and energising as your workouts.


Is caffeine only found in coffee?

No, caffeine can be found in various plants, in different levels due to the weather in which it is grown. Caffeine acts as a defence mechanism for these plants against predators and rodents.

Is caffeine harmful?

Caffeine is not harmful, in fact is a mild stimulant that is consumed everyday by people around the world to stay active and give their best.

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