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Filter Coffee Vs Instant Coffee

Coffee has the reputation of being a staple in everyday life, as this fuels our daily life, with the needed boost of energy.

While having your cup, have you wondered are there types of coffee that you can choose, from to mix up your coffee order?

From the many types of coffee there are filter coffee and instant coffee are the most popular ones in India. Instant coffee is the most used throughout, as this type is faster to make and can be paired up well with flavors, can be iced or consumed hot, this type is lesser in its caffeine content when compared to its counter parts. Barlin Coffee is a brand that crafts well flavored and indulgent experiences in their coffee. Instant coffee is the coffee concentrate that is dried, which makes the coffee making process easier, this coffee can introduce one to the world of coffee. It’s a quick but essential boost of energy through your afternoon blues.

Instant coffee is delicious due to its versatility and the quality to be mixed up with anything, this can be used in ice-creams to pastries where it gives a good and evident, bitter smooth taste to your experiments in the kitchen. Barlin Coffee can help you to bring out the chef in you with their flavored coffee.

Filter coffee on the other hand is prepared from ground coffee and chicory mix, that is brewed out with hot water, this process of coffee making is authentic to the southern part of India. Where the process involves gravity and thus making the process time consuming. Filter coffee even though being popular with instant coffee, takes the second place as it can taste best when paired with classic milk and sugar, limiting the potential to be experimented with.

Nevertheless, Coffee can be enjoyed in both ways but, if you want to experiment with the taste of coffee and make the most of your time exploring different things you can prepare with coffee, Hope you start with a Tiramisu, where you can relish what coffee’s have to offer, this recipe can be made easier, with our butter scotch flavoured Barlin Coffee available on . Order Now.

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