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Is Coffee a poison for Athletes?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Coffee is the daily drink of millions around the world. A person’s day starts with a cup of delicious and aroma filled cup of this marvel. Consumption of coffee dates back to 16th century and today it is used in the field of Sports, where athletes take this psychoactive to enhance their endurance and performance in sporting events.

Caffeine is consumed in the form of coffee in energy drinks, tablets or nasal drops. Caffeine helps to break down triglycerides and fatty acids to improve the athletes muscle power and ease the feelings of fatigue. The caffeine is a known blocker of adenosine receptors in the brain that induce the feeling of tiredness.

Due to this blocking of caffeine, the person can achieve a sense of awareness and wakefulness, that contribute to their success in competitions. As the triglycerides are consumed at a faster pace than glycogen- Carbohydrates, this saves up energy in the muscles as glycogen that is later consumed during the event giving energy to the athlete to perform their sport. Hence, making it a good pre work out or warm up drink that is suggested to be consumed 60 mins prior to the event.

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Although this looks like a boon to the athletes, can become a bane, if you mess up the dosages of caffeine. This drug can improve a person’s abilities to perform well, but can also negatively affect them by being detrimental their gastrointestinal activity, heightened anxiety and irregular heartbeat inducing panic attacks and cardiovascular disorders.

Its dosage can make or break an athlete’s career in international sporting events. This drug was banned till 2004 for sports, but later was removed from the banned list, this paved way for its commercialization in sports and protein shakes, the dosages play a very significant role when it comes to enhancing the performance or ruining the performance. Careful consumption of caffeine is seen to increase the speed, muscle endurance and alertness which is a win for the athlete. At Barlin Coffee one can buy flavoured coffee to add delectable richness into their boring daily shakes.

However, caffeine is a miracle drug in itself enhancing alertness and reducing fatigue, fuelling a person’s work outs and performance, but when it is mishandled leads to dangerous endings of a coveted career.


Does consumption of caffeine harm us?

No, consumption of caffeine does not harm us but over consumption leads to gastrointestinal issues and cardiovascular issues.

Is it dangerous to take it as a workout drink?

No coffee is a very good, energizer for people who are looking to increase their capacity and physical endurance during workouts.

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